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About VIC
Address: 18 Qian An Road ,Dianshan Lake Kunshan Jiangsu China
Tel: 86 (512) 86178065
Fax 0512-86186777

Contact:Mr Xu:137 7636 6568

Website: www.vicelectronics.com
E-mail: sales@vicelectronics.com
About VIC
  The Kunshan VIC Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high tech company located in Kunshan, China,  the Shanghai suburban area.  VIC is engaged in the research, development, design,manufacturing , marketing and sales of Vacuum Electron Devices (VED).
  The principal products manufactured by VIC are Electron Tubes (Power Grid Tubes), Vacuum Capacitors,  Vacuum Interrupters and Vacuum Relays.  VIC’s products are widely applied in the markets of Broadcasting, Communication, Utilities, Metallurgy, Mining, Medical and Industrial Machinery, etc.   VIC employs advanced technology and equipment from the USA and is capable of developing and producing all types of VED.  It is willing and able to undertake custom configurations at the customer’s request.
  VIC is the brand certified manufacturer for some well known international VED manufacturers and OEMs. These VED are manufactured in accordance with their technical documentation, procedures and quality requirements.  Through technical assistance and training in both China and the USA, more and more VED types manufactured by VIC have been and are being certified by those customers and OEMs.
  VIC plans to continue to adopt proven, advanced internationally validated management concepts to improve its technology, efficiency, schedule performance, and product quality.  VIC will continue to strive to fulfill its motto of delivering the “Best Quality and Best Service” to its customers.  In the spirit of uniting its employees and inspiring teamwork, VIC is committed to an open mind to new ideas as it strives to be one of the largest and best VED manufacturers in the world.
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Add:18 Qian An Road,Dianshan Lake,Kunshan,Jiangsu Tel:0512-86178065 Fax:0512-86186777